Florida Web Design Companies

When you are looking for a web design company to help you with your online web design needs, sometimes the best option is to go with a local provider.  A local website design company will be able to offer insight and professional opinions specific to the area you are trying to sell or market to, especially if you have a brick and mortar store, not just an online business.

In Florida, there are hundreds if not thousands of web design companies that would be happy to help you with all your online business needs.  But how do you know who to trust with your business?

10bestdesign.com publishes a yearly list of the best website design companies in the nation as well as recommendations of the best in each state.  When looking for a web design company, you need to take into account awards that they have won from unbiased sources, client reviews and make sure that they offer the type of web design that you are needing for your particular business.  Below are a few that have made the “best” list in recent years in Florida.

Bayshore Solutions

Bayshore Solutions is a previous winner of the top 10 web design awards nationwide.  When you decide to use Bayshore Solutions for your web design needs, you are promised a site that will be engaging to visitors and that will keep them on your page for longer periods of time, increasing the likelihood that they will find something that they like and choose your business over all the others that choose to skimp on their web design.  Bayshore Solutions promises to deliver stimulating and engaging designs and to make sure that your vision for your business are realized through your professionally designed website.  Bayshore Solutions from Tampa, Florida is a multiple award winning design firm that promises not to disappoint.


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Brandamos has worked with many impressive clients over the years and their development skills run the gamut. When it comes to web design, Brandamos takes all their skills and puts that into their web design projects giving clients a more versatile website than your average web design firm. All of their websites include SEO strategies built in.

Glide Interactive

Glide Interactive out of Sarasota, Florida is second on the top 10 list of excellent web design companies in Florida.  Glide Interactive is an all-inclusive web design company that promises to help your business with not just the web site design, but also with the overall web presence.  When you add SEO tactics with a great web design, you create the optimum circumstance for your business to be seen by as many people as possible.  Search engines look for things in your content that help them better fit the search engine user with the site that will be most useful for them.  Glide Interactive will make sure that your site is at it’s best.

Gist Create

Gist Create out of Jacksonville, Florida is a website design and development company that can offer references and examples of their previous work.  Their goal is to help your business succeed in any way they can.

Swiss Logic

Swiss Logic from Miami, Florida is another all-inclusive web design company that offers web development, corporate image makeovers, attractive web site design, E-commerce websites, web programing, video, photography, and graphic designs.  When you have every service that you need preformed all in the same company, there is a greater chance for the success of your overall project.

Blue Octopus Web Designs

Blue Octopus Web Designs in Orlando, Florida encourages their potential customers to contact them for a full list of the services they offer.  They are interested in clients that have a desire to further their business and create a long standing relationship with the web design company.

Digital Eel

Digital Eel in St. Petersburg, Florida is a long standing web design company.  They have grown and changed with the internet and search engines since 1999 and have worked for over 1,000 clients to create their business websites.  As well as web design, they offer their wisdom to customers who want an SEO expert to help them boost their overall online presence.


There are thousands of web design companies and all of them are perfect for someone.  Getting the most out of your web page and the company that designs it will be done best with a company that understands what you need and how to give it to you.  These are a few examples of the companies in Florida but there may be a company that wasn’t listed that is the perfect fit for you, your business and all of your needs.