Choosing an SEO-friendly keyword base domain

Today, the internet is playing a vital role in the success of many businesses. There are many businesses, which totally depend on the internet. What is more important to get success in the internet marketing?  Only by making a website and loading it with good quality content is not enough to get success in online business. You will have to make certain strategy to generate traffic for your website. Until you have no traffic, there is no business online.

Search engine optimization is playing a great role in generating huge website traffic for many websites. It is becoming an important key to get success in internet business. Therefore, the first step in online business is to choose a SEO friendly domain name. If you choose a SEO friendly domain name by supplying it keywords related to your business, it will be definitely helpful to attract the good amount of traffic to your website. Always focus to choose keywords related to your business and, which is highly used in search engine.


If your focus is to generate traffic for website through search engines, you should do careful considerations and deliberations in choosing the right domain name. SEO friendly domain name is one of the important strategies in the search engine optimization process. The keywords, which you are planning to use to get top Google search, you should try to put it in your website domain name. Putting the main keywords in your URL is a good idea, because it attracts search engines, and your website users both. It gives a vague idea what the website is about? Keywords in the domain play the role of catalyst for search engines. Though only keywords are not the entire part of SEO, but they definitely play an important role in search engine optimization.


A short and eye catching domain name is most preferred than long domain names. It makes an impression in the mind of users, and they recall and remember the name of your websites. Short names are easy to remember, and it can also be typed easily in URL Bar. You should avoid the use of hyphens and numbers in your domain names. This is because it is complicated to remember the correct name of these domains, and users are confused about domains name, by mistake they type the name of other domains. You lose your traffic and some other is gaining due to your mistake.


Always prefer to choose the .com extension for your domains. It is most widely used extension on the internet. It may be helpful to boost your traffic. Of course, there are many websites that end with “.org”, “.net” or “.biz” extension, and they are doing well. It is the general habit of users to type only domain names and press Ctrl + Enter because it automatically adds .com in the name of domains. If you have a new website, and you choose extension like “.edu” or “.net”, and users type only domain name in URL and press Ctrl + Enter, then he will move to another site, mean you are losing your traffic.